Pahok Kreoung Ktis Recipe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

-Smoked fish
-Coconut cream
-Lemon grass
-Red chili
-2 Cloves garlic, Mince
-Fish sauce
-Peel of kaffir lime( kind of Orange)
-Chinese parsley
-Scrip eggplant( king of eggplant)
-String bean

1-Mix together pahok (mince) and pork.
2-Using mortal and pestles to pounded, and crushed garlic, red onion, Chinese parsley, lemon grass, chili pepper, turmeric, red Chili powder and pounded krasang ( a large spiny tree with flat, round, sour fruit) with kreoung (all of the species that you already pounding).
3-Grind meat of smoked fish, and roast peanut powder.
4-Decoct coconut cream then, stir pork , kreoung ( all of the species that you already pounding), smoked fish, peanut, pour fish sauce, sugar, seasoning till dry water (non water).
5-Put it in bowl and serve with rice.